Have your say in WHO discussions on NCDs!


The next year is critical for global NCD policy and action. The United Nations General Assembly will convene a comprehensive review on NCD progress in 2018.

As emerging and future leaders in health, your passion, ideas and actions to improve the prevention and control of NCDs— today — will result in change, tomorrow. This is why you won’t want to miss out on participating in the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD) online Community of Practice on NCDs and the Next Generation.


The WHO GCM/NCD is launching its online Communities of Practice in support of realizing the implementation of the WHO Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020, as well as the NCD and NCD-related targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

NCDs and the Next Generation is the first Community of Practice to be launched and will bring young changemakers from YP-CDN and other platforms together to generate collaborative discussion and action toward 2018. It will consist of a series of virtual discussions over the course of this year.



The first CoP discussion starts TODAY:

Join us between March 14, 2017 9 AM CET - March 15, 2017 9 PM CET for a discussion around the theme -

"Getting to 2018: Mobilizing young people as active change agents on NCDs for our future"

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Check out the introductory video clip from our Steering Group members that sets the scene for the discussion and outlines the purposes for the community.

Throughout the course of several virtual working group discussions in this community, we seek to produce a collaborative action plan on getting to 2018 for the next generation.

Brief Background: Why NCDs and the Next Generation?

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are a huge public health challenge globally, resulting in 38 million deaths each year. Of these, 16 million are premature deaths occurring before the age of 70, and can be averted. Many of them can be attributed to unhealthy behaviors initiated in youth, hence the next generation needs to shoulder responsibility to prevent and control NCDs globally. In a survey conducted by the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (unpublished) to understand the concerns and priorities of young people (18-35 years)  regarding NCDs across the East African region, the majority of respondents reported the need for greater prioritization of NCDs in government programs and policies. They highlighted the importance of advocacy as the most effective tool to deal with NCDs and believed that NCDs are a leading social justice issue of their generation.

In order to realise the global action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, WHO aims to provide a forum to identify barriers and share innovative solutions and actions for the implementation of the global action plan to promote sustained actions across sectors as well as advance multisectoral action. Young people are an important stakeholder in this realm and should be included in this process. With their novel outlook and innovative approaches as well as their high engagement on web based platforms, having a thematic working group focusing on NCDs through the perspective of next generation will be of great value addition to advancing the 25x25 agenda and mobilizing implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda.


To create an active, dynamic and transparent platform for knowledge and idea sharing, networking, action planning and collaborative learning between young people engaged in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases globally, in order to advance engagement of the next generation in discussions and actions toward the attainment of WHO global NCD targets.

Students and early career professionals working on/ interested in reducing the global burden of NCDs.


  • To provide a platform for young people to engage in discussion, knowledge and idea sharing, networking and to provide new ideas to address the global burden of NCDs
  • To promote innovative approaches and initiatives for advancing engagement of young people on NCDs at national, regional and global levels with a view to promoting global (multilateral) solutions to the global challenge of NCDs
  • To share knowledge on successful NCD initiatives and concrete action already taken by young people
  • To launch ideas and initiatives for collective action toward successful attainment of the NCD goals in the context of the Sustainable Development Agenda

Our Definition of Success:
Getting young people tangibly invested in the delivery of results and to strengthen accountability of WHO member states towards implementation of the Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases 2013-2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Jordan Jarvis

About Jordan Jarvis

Board Director of YP-CDN- Passionate about mobilizing social change and better, more equitable health outcomes worldwide.

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Have your say in WHO discussions on NCDs!
Have your say in WHO discussions on NCDs!