Non-communicable diseases—which include cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic lung disease and mental illness—have overtaken infectious diseases as the world’s leading killers.

Non-communicable diseases cause millions of preventable deaths, particularly in less developed nations, where 4 out of 5 of these deaths occur. In these countries, non-communicable diseases are increasing faster, in younger people, and with worse outcomes than in wealthier countries.

The non-communicable disease epidemic is an urgent and growing threat to the economies, wellbeing, and social fabric of societies worldwide. But it is not getting the attention it deserves. According to the US Council on Foreign Relations' NCD Task Force,

“It is projected that the NCD epidemic will inflict $21.3 trillion in losses in developing countries over the next two decades—a cost nearly equal to the entire economic output of those countries in 2013.”

People living in poverty worldwide are hit the hardest by NCDs-- which makes them a matter for social justice. Most of these people, particularly in developing countries, lack access to the preventative measures or lifesaving treatments proven to be effective against NCDs. We already have many effective solutions, but we need to put them into action.

YP-CDN believes every person – regardless of income or geographic location – has the right to preventative measures (such as a healthy environment or healthy foods), as well as medicines, vaccines, and technologies, for treating non- communicable diseases.