Join the #Bunker4Mulago campaign to bring Radiotherapy to Uganda

YP-CDN just launched a campaign in Uganda, and we need your help!


The current state of the bunker construction required to house the public radiotherapy machine. (Photo by: Joseph Makoba)



On April 11th 2016, the only radiotherapy machine in Uganda broke down and the nation was assured that a new one had been purchased. The only obstacle was the absence of a bunker safe and fit for this machine, which was estimated to take about 6 months to build.


On October 1st, 6 months were up. The site for construction is far close to completion while many patients live in limbo. Only 5 patients have succeded to go to the Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya to receive the interim therapy required (Aga Khan Hospital kindly offered to provide therapy for free to Ugandans) with the support of HOSPICE Uganda, although patients must secure their own accommodation and living costs in the expensive city of Nairobi. Long-term, the Ugandan government simply can't support or sustain patient support for radiotherapy treatment in Nairobi, radiotherapy is needed in Uganda. 



The Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN) Uganda Chapter invites you to be part of 4-week social media campaign aimed at sparking a response, renewed attention to this problem, and accelerated bunker construction by the government to save patient lives. Patients have died and others have become terminal while Ugandan leaders place priorities on other issues. Join us with the hashtag #Bunker4Mulago and let's ask @MinofHealthUG to speed up the provision of lifesaving radiotherapy in Uganda now. 

We aim to get at least 1,000 tweets every week with the hashtag - #Bunker4Mulago. We believe this will be very hard for Ministry of Health in Uganda to ignore. 


To increase media attention, make sure you tag the Ministry of Health of Uganda (@MinofHealthUG), the YP-CDN Uganda Chapter @ypuganda, YP-CDN global @ncdaction and use the hashtag #Bunker4Mulago in your tweets. Hon. Dr. Aceng is the Minister of Health, Uganda. 

Sample Tweets
  • Hon. Aceng. Radiotherapy is still a need for many patients. @MinofHealthUG #Bunker4Mulago
  • What is @MinofHealthUG doing to have the #Bunker4Mulago ready?
  • 6 months later and still no #Bunker4Mulago. Hon. Aceng, Is it a priority for @MinofHealthUG #Bunker4Mulago
  • Cars, funeral and salary plans in parliament yet the #Bunker4Mulago is still absent? @MinofHealthUG
  • What is the plan for the #Bunker4Mulago? Is Hon. Aceng [email protected]
  • Funding or priority. What really is holding the #Bunker4Mulago hostage? @MinofHealthUG
The YP-CDN Uganda twitter handle is @ypuganda 

Find more Uganda Cancer Facts here (obtained from the International Agency for Cancer Research Database). 


Thanks in advance for your support. 

Joseph Makoba

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Join the #Bunker4Mulago campaign to bring Radiotherapy to Uganda
Join the #Bunker4Mulago campaign to bring Radiotherapy to Uganda