Global Action Against Exorbitant Drug Prices


With more than 100 organizations around the world advocating for affordable access to treatment, YP-CDN has signed a letter today demanding Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche to drop the prices and stop its monopoly patents on trastuzumab and T-DM1, the company's effective but exorbitantly priced breast cancer medicines. 

This statement is a direct response to the November 2016 death of Tobeka Daki, a prolific South African activist who was living with HER2+ breast cancer since 2013. While trastuzumab, known to be effective in Tobeka's form of cancer, existed, Tobeka was never given a chance at it. While a year's dose can be manufactured at $176 in the U.S., a year's dose of the medicine in South Africa was being charged at $34,000, five times more than the average income of a South African person.

Through abusive patenting practices and court litigations, Roche continues to insist a tight grip on trastuzumab availability around the world. Not only is Roche auctioning health and life to the richest, it is actively infringing patients' rights to life-saving medicines by blocking affordable alternative versions from entering the market.

Today we stand together as women living with cancer, families of people with cancer, activists, scientists, researchers and health professionals from across the world.

Join YP-CDN today in calling for an end to senseless deaths.

Spread the news, gather support, stand in solidarity, and call for action on social media. 

Read the press release.

We demand Roche to:
  • Drop the price of trastuzumab and T-DM1 so that all women living with HER2+ breast cancer who need these medicines can access them;
  • Immediately cease all litigation against biosimilar versions of trastuzumab;
  • Stop abusive patenting practices that needlessly extend patent monopoly on trastuzumab and other medicines;
  • Immediately cease litigation against the Brazilian and Argentinian governments for their use of TRIPS flexibilities.


Da-Yae Lee

About Da-Yae Lee

YP-CDN Communications and Design Intern / Aspiring PH Grad Student / Smith College Class of 2014

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Make Trastuzumab& T-DM1 accessible & affordable to all #breastcancer patients who need them! #ForTobeka #RocheGreedKills
Global Action Against Exorbitant Drug Prices