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The Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network equips young changemakers, like Joseph (see video below!), with the training, tools, network and support they need to become effective healthcare advocates, researchers and leaders, and to run campaigns and projects with impact. We’ve directly influenced policies and the health of communities at both national levels--in the US, Mexico and across various African nations-- as well as global levels-- through advocacy and presentations at the WHO and United Nations.

Support our work to develop leaders who will protect public health and social justice.


The next generation of leaders, particularly young women, from disadvantaged or poor communities have the least access to the knowledge, skill development and career-changing mentorship they need to drive health and social change for their own communities.

In particular, the world needs skilled leaders in all corners of the globe who know how to respond to the devastating impacts of cancer, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases--  which have overtaken infectious diseases (such as malaria) as the world’s leading killers and cause millions of preventable deaths, particularly in less developed nations.

Societies are shifting demographically and in their collective values, and we must continue to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities. There is a lot of fear and anger in the world right now, which authoritarian leaders often prey on. We can only counter it by developing leaders who believe in the power of evidence, inclusion and social justice.



The people most affected by injustice should be leading efforts to address it. Our leadership and advocacy training, called NextGen Leaders, matters for precisely this reason--  young professionals and students in disadvantaged communities can be the changemakers to improve health and social justice within their communities, by confronting the world’s top killers—non-communicable diseases. 

We will train 100 NextGen Leaders this year to mobilize 1,000 young advocates in YP-CDN Chapters in cities across the U.S. and Africa.  They will learn and take up critical issues of civic participation and organizing, how to influence policymakers and hold their governments accountable, and how to communicate research to inform better health policies.  These 1,000 young people will lead dialogue and action in their communities-- and with each other across cities and countries, and influence government to improve health and well being.

Through a diverse network of experts (from institutions like Harvard and Doctors Without Borders) and our strong reputation for delivering advocacy outcomes and leaders worldwide, YP-CDN is uniquely positioned to provide training and opportunities to young talent who would otherwise not have access to the knowledge, skill development and career-changing mentorship they need to drive health and social change.



Long-Term Impact

YP-CDN peer-to-peer training initiatives and strong network of senior mentors have, in a few short years, produced a community of next generation leaders that serve in full-time positions and as advisors for institutions such as the World Health Organization, Open Society Foundations, OECD, RTI International, Harvard University and have launched many of their own academic centers or non-profit organizations to improve health equity. 

YP-CDN is a platform for young people to speak out on health issues and develop as leaders. From providing speaking opportunities and a voice for the next generation in global policy discussions at the United Nations and international health conferences, to elevating them to positions on national government taskforces and committees, to catalyzing a collaborative and influential community of young researchers across countries of all income levels-- our platform has produced leaders and impact.


Invest in YP-CDN, invest in the health of communities worldwide. 


Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN) is a US nonprofit corporation; it is tax-exempt under IRS Code section 501c(3). Our Federal Tax ID is 46-4724869. All donations to YP-CDN are used for charitable purposes. After donating, you will receive a receipt by email, please keep this receipt for your records.

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