Baltimore, MD
We are a group of passionate leaders who want to improve the way we manage non-communicable diseases not only locally in Baltimore, but globally. We strongly believe in the power of advocacy and education as vehicles for change. We welcome all interested individuals so please join us!


Where: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Established: October 2016

Who: 100+ students and professionals affiliated with Johns Hopkins schools of public health, medicine, nursing, and business

Areas of Focus: 

  • Advocacy - Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative: prescription drug price transparency and notification to the public, and anti-price-gouging

  • Education and Awareness - Assessing the understanding of the burden of non-communicable disease among students, faculty, and staff at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Hosting awareness events throughout the year including World Cancer Day (Feb. 3, 2017)

Collaborating Organizations:

Chapter Leaders:

  • Hussain Lalani
  • Minzhi Xing

Contact Us: [email protected]

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Baltimore, MD