YP-CDN bridges local and global advocacy for NCDs. We take a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to non-communicable diseases, as a fundamental matter of social and economic justice.

Our community of advocates and activists includes public health professionals, nutritionists, doctors, economists, communications experts, lawyers, researchers, environmentalists, and web developers, among others. We believe that our generation of young, emerging leaders will drive the change we wish to see in the world by mitigating the risk factors that cause NCDs- tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food, lack of access to medicine- and elevating positive social determinants of health to provide all individuals the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.


A Voice at the Global Policy Table

Through hands-on experience over the past six years, YP-CDN members have gained considerable expertise and credibility at the global policy table (e.g. at the World Health Organization and the UN). We provide guidance to a diversity of members on how to navigate these policy discussions, so they can use these fora to persuade their own governments to provide access to NCD prevention and treatment for their country’s population. 


Building Local and National Accountability and Action 

YP-CDN Chapters across Africa, North America, Europe and Asia work together to advocate for improved treatment and prevention for NCDs in their institutions, cities, regions and countries. With local action, we seek to hold our governments accountable to their global commitments to reduce the crippling burden of NCDs by 33% by 2030, as described in the Sustainable Development Goals.     


Some of our work includes:

  • Successful addition of nine NCD medicines to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines, which guides country prioritization and mass drug donations and procurement globally
  • Ongoing political advocacy for UN agency and government commitment and accountability on delivering affordable NCD medicines (through our delegations at WHO and UN meetings)
  • Establishing Nigeria's first bone marrow registry
  • Instituting and running rheumatic heart clinics in Kenya
  • Contributing to the protection of the soda tax in Mexico to curb the rise of obesity
  • Diabetes and hypertension screenings and clinics in Ghana
  • Launching NCDFREE, a global social movement to tell the NCD stories by those who live it
  • The Young Professionals Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases and Trade and Investment, a statement put forth by YP-CDN calling for prioritization of health on the international trade agenda