YPCDN chapter updates from Ethiopia

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are our area of great concern in the contemporary health system because anyone can acquire theses illnesses sooner or later in life from the environment or genetics. We are committed to tackle the burden of NCDs in Africa. To achieve our goals, we are recruiting actively working members to YPCDN chapter in Ethiopia. This will enable us to grasp innovative ideals from multidisciplinary teams comprised of physicians, nurses, of pharmacists and other health professionals. Importantly, we are empowering the community pharmacists in the detection, prevention, control and management of chronic disease as primary care providers. Our members are also engaged in institutional based researches to support health policy-makers to provide pooled evidence, which allows us to exercise advocacy role. We are moving forward to evaluate availability and affordability of essential anticancer medications in the nation. Recently, we are dealing to own biological safety cabinet to anticancer drug admixture which protect patients and health care providers from exposure of harmful adverse effects of chemotherapy. Till, we are calling all devoted individuals to join our “largest network of health professionals targeting chronic diseases.”

Our priorities areas are the following

Cardiovascular disorder

Diabetes mellitus

Mental health

Essential medicines

Partnering with

Ethiopian pharmaceutical association

Center for disease prevention and control

Ethiopian ministry of health

Pharmaceutical fund and supply agency

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YPCDN chapter updates from Ethiopia
YPCDN chapter updates from Ethiopia