YP-CDN Rwanda was established in 2016. In the past year, the chapter's activities have ranged from launching a social media campaign on breast cancer and organizing an 8-day awareness event for World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14), which served more than 300 Kigali residents with on-site blood glucose screening, health check-ups, and educational sessions on the effects and prevention of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and eye complications.


Chapter Size: 18 members


Chapter Leader: Francis Nuwagaba

Francis believes that the basis of a good and successful life is health. He has put health education at the center of various youth empowerment and grassroots community development programs, engaging healthcare professionals to provide leadership training, mentorship and career guidance to those in need and in training. Francis has experiences managing local, regional, as well as global projects and campaigns on poverty reduction, sexual and reproductive health education, and advocacy of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Francis is a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), launched in 2010 by President Barack Obama to nurture Africa’s young leaders. Francis is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy at the University of Rwanda and has been serving, since 2015, as the outreach coordinator of Rwanda Children’s Cancer Relief (RCCR).


Brief Overview of the NCD Situation in Your Country:

The Rwanda Ministry of Health, in partnership with concerned civil society organizations, has put in place different measures, policies, and laws to combat the lburden of NCDs. Among them is the famous “car-free day” program, which brings together citizens at the end of each month to jointly participate in community exercise activities and free medical check-ups. The government of Rwanda has incorporated NCDs into the education curriculum though much emphasis still required to push the agenda to the maximum. Nicotine-containing products like cigarettes have been taxed high to reduce the rate of their consumption, which Rwanda acknowledges to be among the major risk factors for NCDs, particularly lung cancers. The country has a long way to go in establishing baseline data on the prevalence of NCDs and is working toward instating laws and policies that govern, for instance, the proper production and use of soft drinks and processed foods that contribute to the increasing burden of NCDs.


Chapter's Current Areas of Focus:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes


Collaborating Organizations:

  • Rwanda National Chronic Disease Alliance
  • Rwanda Diabetes Association
  • Rwanda Biomedical Centre
  • Association of Medical Students of Rwanda
  • Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students Association

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