Leadership Development

We believe building effective leadership for the next generation will allow us to multiply change for NCDs -- change in the form of social transformation and policy solutions that will save lives.

Our global community needs healthcare leaders who are aware of the nuances of NCDs and what it takes to drive an effective response. YP-CDN is uniquely positioned to recruit, prepare, and support the next generation of healthcare leaders.


Why we develop leaders

Health systems depend heavily on human capital. But low-income countries face serious shortages of healthcare workers, especially healthcare leaders prepared to address the challenges of NCDs and essential medicines from a whole systems perspective. The healthcare leaders of yesterday and today are trained within silos. They are often doctors, but not systems thinkers. They often manage adequately, but they do not often inspire. They can be results-oriented, but not often impact-driven.

We develop leaders for tomorrow that are systems thinkers first and foremost. They are not only doctors but nurses, pharmacists, and policymakers. They are advocates and organizers who inspire and truly lead by empowerment. They are futurists with the confidence and competency to bridge gaps between sectors and silos.


How we develop leaders

Our NextGen Leaders program is a 'train-the-trainer' model in which we work closely with emerging leaders (across multiple disciplines) within our membership, to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and networks to change the current situation around NCDs-- with our first cohort now focused on improving access to essential treatment for NCDs in East Africa. 

Workshops, training materials, dedicated mentorship and practical experience placements within key NCD policy and research institutions will equip emerging leaders with the tools to lead advocacy and action on NCDs, while providing the technical knowledge and evidence needed to lead lasting health improvements. We are confident that after completing the program, these young leaders will be able to apply technical and organizing skills to influence public policy on the right to health.

To learn more about our 2016 program, check out recent blog posts here.

Leadership Development
Leadership Development