Jordan Jarvis
Executive Director of YP-CDN- Passionate about mobilizing social change and better, more equitable health outcomes worldwide.

$745.00 raised

Goal: $1,000.00


Help me kick off the holiday season by supporting YP-CDN to enable changemakers to fight cancer, diabetes, mental illness and other non-communicable diseases in their communities in East Africa!

Your donation to #MultiplyChange will equip changemakers in health, like Joseph and Mellany, with the training, tools, network and support they need to become effective healthcare advocates and leaders, and to run campaigns and projects with impact.

The importance of political engagement and advocacy by citizens in order to drive positive change is imminently clear in our world today.  The NextGen Leaders program that you will support through #MultiplyChange will enable changemakers to influence public policy and drive social change in order to reduce needless death and disability from cancer, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.